What should we wear? – We recommend wearing lightweight clothing as if you were going on a hike. Make sure you have a hat, sunglasses and a good pair of socks to wear under the waders – your shoes don’t really matter as you will take them off to put the waders on. It never hurts to bring your rain jacket during the summer in Colorado, it doesn’t rain all that often on the river but we do sometimes get brief showers. Your guide will have extra rain gear if you need it.

How many people can you take?? – We have taken groups as large as 30, we have about 15 guides on our staff. We strongly recommend a ratio of 1 or 2 clients per guide, especially in the spring and early summer. We can take a group of 3 with one guide depending on conditions but it does not cost much more per person to have an additional guide and it tends to be a better experience, you will get more personal attention and it opens up a lot of options as far as water we can fish but we are happy to do it either way.

What is your minimum age? – We recommend a minimum age of about 10 for the river and shooting trips.until after the trip.

What is the cancellation policy? – We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. We understand things do come up, there is no charge for any trip cancelled outside of 48 hours. If a cancellation occurs inside 48 hours we do charge the full amount of the trip. We take a credit card number at the time of the booking, nothing is charged until after the trip.

What if it is raining? – Our weather policy works like this – we are going to meet our clients at the arranged time no matter what the weather is. The guide will then make a decision based on conditions. As you know, sometimes it is raining/snowing in town and is perfectly clear down valley where we will be fishing. We will never force anyone to go on a trip or put anyone in a dangerous situation. We do charge for no shows – but if we meet for the trip and decide that we should cancel there is no charge.

How far is the drive to the river? – Generally 10-20 minutes from Aspen. If we do go to the Frying Pan it is about 30-35 minutes.

Do you provide transportation? – Yes, for all of our wade fishing trips we are happy to pick up guests anywhere in Aspen, Snowmass or Basalt. On float trips you will usually meet the guide at the put in. The boat is in the water and ready to go. For clay target shooting trips you will meet your instructor at the shooting range. We will send you directions by email.

Where do you take people? – All over the valley, a lot of times we don’t know where we are going to take our clients until we pick them up and find out more about their experience, expectations, desires, . We have a great variety of water here in the valley, from a physical standpoint some of it is very easy to access and some is a little bit more demanding.

Are you guaranteed to catch fish? – We get this one a few times a year, it is fishing so there are no guarantees. However, each year there are ten or so trips where clients don’t land a fish – that is around 1% of our total trips. We confidently tell people that they have a 99% chance of landing a trout. While we can’t officially guarantee to catch fish we can guarantee that you will have a great day. If anyone is not happy with how the trip went we will not charge them.